The Role of the Hospital Discharge Planner

Patients are discharged from the hospital every day. But not everyone can go straight home. In fact, many patients require post-hospital rehabilitation.

So what exactly is a discharge planner? A Discharge Planner is a person in the hospital who is responsible for making sure patients are released from the hospital to the proper environment that can best care for the patient as they recuperate. Often, that environment is the patient’s own home. But increasingly, hospitals need to release patients before they are really well enough to actually go back home. In these cases, the Discharge Planner will tell you that you have to go to another place for further recovery and rehabilitation. Sometimes, they will call these places a rehabilitation hospital, short stay center, or even a nursing home. Don’t ask the hospital to tell you where to go, tell the discharge planner you want your Power Back!

dcnIn any given day, the Hospital Discharge Planner needs to place dozens or more patients in rehabilitation facilities. Finding the right bed, the right level of care, in the right geographic area takes time. Often you will be given a list of facilities to choose from with little time to choose or research.

If you are in the hospital, you are already stressed out. All you need to do is tell them to contact POWERBACK and we will get you to a location that has the expertise to get you home as quickly as possible.

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