Planning Guide

If you’re like most people, you don’t plan on going to the hospital or what comes after. Here’s a typical story:

Bob was 65 years old when he fell on the ice while taking out the garbage. After surgery and a week in the hospital, the discharge planner asked him which rehabilitation facility he wanted to go to. Bob was shocked. He thought he was going home.

Unfortunately, many people find themselves in a similar situation to Bob. In fact, 96% of people between the ages of 60 and 75 do not anticipate needing surgery over the next year. Like Bob, most patients are shocked and confused about not being able to go directly back home. If you were to find yourself in this situation, would you know what to do? Would you know where to go?

It’s simple to make a plan:

Planning Guide


  • If you know you are going to have a surgery like a knee or hip replacement, feel free to visit the facility in advance. Take a tour. Ask questions. If you are in the hospital, you typically have less than 24 hours to pick a rehabilitation facility. At this point it is too late. Don’t just blindly pick a facility off of a list. Choose the location that is best able to help you get your Power Back and back home as soon as possible! 
  • If your surgery is scheduled, feel free to pre-book your room in advance. Click here for a list of locations.