PowerBack Rehabilitation, Route 73
113 South Route 73
Voorhees, NJ 08043

856 809-3500
Exemplary staff

I have always found PowerBack to live up to their name, restoring power back to me, my lifestyle.  There is no area of any of their services that I find any discrepancy.  Being what you call a “frequent flyer,” there is nowhere else I can fathom going to for any of my physical rehabilitation needs.  The medical staff, therapy staff, and aides are all exemplary. I have always been fully satisfied with their performance and care.  I can also attest to the competency of the administrative staff as well as the wonderful food and service of the dining facility.  I was always impressed with PowerBack, especially how they handle their emergencies, of which I have had several.  I am eternally grateful for this establishment, for they have always served me very, very well.
Thank you,
-Cheryl A.

Very peaceful and caring

I want to say THANK YOU to all PowerBack staff, for treating me with caring kindness while I was getting better. Everyone made my stay very peaceful. The nurses and therapy members go above what is expected. The atmosphere is very cheery. It makes you forget you're sick. Thank you so much for making me feel very welcome during my stay.
-Sandra L.

I feel so much stronger

To the entire staff- my time spent here with you has been a healing experience.  You have all touched me and made me stronger.  It takes a village to help get someone to a better level of life and this village worked and took good care of me so I get to go home with my family.  I feel so much stronger.  Thank you again.
-Constance M.

Above-and-beyond efforts

Joanne L., a former patient at PowerBack Rehabilitation Voorhees, has Addison’s Disease, a rare disease caused by insufficient amounts of certain hormones produced by the adrenal glands. On October 1st, 2018 Joanne went into a state of crisis during her therapy session. Her occupational therapist and assigned nurse acted swiftly and efficiently to bring her out of crisis and into stable condition. Joanne credits their above-and-beyond efforts to educating themselves on Addison’s Disease. Thanks to their quick response, they saved Joanne’s life. Joanne hosted a special lunch for her care providers on Wednesday, October 17. They were surprised by a warm applause and standing ovation from their peers and awarded certificates for excellence in clinical care from their supervisors and a member of the local Addison’s Association Chapter.

Thank You Letter

Dear Mr. Solarz:


I thank my lucky star and am grateful for my guardian angel who together made my wish come true the day Cooper Hospital informed me that PowerBack Rehabilitation would take my father as a patient. Although I had heard it was a “nice” facility, I had no idea just how much the word “nice” meant. From the minute I walked into the facility on January 20, 2014, I was impressed by everything!!


I thought initially I was in the wrong place and had been sent to a five star hotel.  The beauty, the cleanliness, the total décor, the shell of the facility impressed me beyond belief. What was even more impressive, however, was how the staff just hit the ground running from day one and never stopped until discharge.  And, at all times my 90 year old father was ALWAYS treated with respect, kindness, and value and not like some old fossil who had little time left.


I wish I could mention every single person in this letter and thank them personally.  However, I can’t. All the PT’s (his main therapist was Matt) and his OT’s, his aides, and his nurses were awesome. His care was exceptional.  I do, however, want to mention one aide who stood out to me and to my husband who visited my DAD daily and spent a few hours there during her shift.  The aide is Bambi!! She went above and beyond in her job and I need you to know that.


Even when it came time to transporting my father to appointments, that was done for me and made my stress level just a little less.  Christine was such a big help to me…


So please know that every employee who came in contact with my father during his stay helped to make it a reality that I was able to take him back home with us.  That was thanks to the awesome care he received.


I have always been a firm believer of praise, when due.  All too often in the world all we ever hear is criticism; and so I make it a point to share praise.


Thanks to PowerBack my father is walking up and down our steps and all over the house and doings great.  He is strong and healthy and even came home 6 pounds heavier (which he needed) because he enjoyed the food so much! Actually I had a few dinners there and agree…And Kevin had lunch there almost every day.


So, in closing….Thank you for what you did for my father.  Thanks to you and your totally awesome staff, we are able to celebrate his 91st birthday.  It will be a special celebration.


Warmest regards,


Michelle Pryor

Continual care and encouragement

Recently I had a positive experience staying with “PowerBack” after surgery.  My wife and I selected PowerBack in Voorhees.  The site is much further than local facilities but the facility came highly recommended.  The rooms are large and well furnished.  The room had a comfortable couch and chair available with ample storage.  The bathroom was clean and large as well with facilities for showering in privacy and a sink for washing up.  The food was very good.  The menu was large and they offered many options beyond the daily special.  To me the most notable aspect was the care and effort taken by the therapists.  I was in a seriously injured state and they continually cared and encouraged me.
-Thomas G.

Great staff and excellent food
When I was rolled in on the stretcher my first thought was “Where am I?”  Soon after I discovered that I was in a place of healing where the staff are dedicating to getting you back on your feet.  Everyone was great from the doctors, nurses, Physical therapists, Occupational therapists, guest services, social workers, and nurse’s aides.  The Bistro truly catered to my specialized diet with their excellent food and it also gave me the opportunity to connect with other patients.  My stay has given me tools to keep me safe and help me to continue the healing process at home.
Thank you,
-David D.